Jiaozuo ZJN donated epidemic prevention materials to help Sanyang No.1 Middle School

2020-12-14 10:45 8
Help Sanyang No.1 middle school to return to school

In May 20, 2020, Yue Shengwen, general manager of Jiaozuo ZJN Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. donated 10000 masks and 80 bottles of disinfectant gel materials for the first middle school of Sanyang Township, Wuzhi. Lvyinsheng, deputy director of Wuzhi County Civil Affairs Bureau and Li Xibao, President of Sanyang No.1 middle school, participated in the donation activities.

Donation activities

In his speech, yueshengwen, general manager of Jiaozuo ZJN Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., said: "with a hundred years plan, education as the basis, students are the flowers of the motherland and the future of the motherland. Sanyang No. 1 middle school was my mother school. At this critical moment of fighting the epidemic, I hope to contribute a part of the donation to the school to resume school and to the health of teachers and students.

Yue Shengwen, general manager of JZN delivered a speech

In this donation, our company also provides 200 yuan of financial aid to each poor student in the school.

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Subsequently, Li Xibao, principal of Sanyang one, accepted the masks and disinfectant gels donated by our company on behalf of all the teachers and students, and thanked our company for helping us to resume our studies. "This is not only material support for the school, but also spiritual encouragement. They will surely do all the work of returning to school safely and smoothly," Li said in an emotional statement. Meanwhile, it said that teachers and students of the school will be led to strictly control epidemic situation, make every mask and every drop of disinfectant play a role, ensure that the school's resumption of school work is all in all ways, and will build a safety line for the health of all teachers and students. President Yang Tujin expressed his gratitude to Jiaozuo ZJN Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. for his love donation. He said "give people roses, hand leaves fragrance, dedication and peace of mind, harvest hope.". Hope the fire of assistance will continue to pass on and carry forward in the whole society! Finally, Lu Yinsheng, deputy director of the Bureau of civil affairs of Wuzhi County, made a speech.

Grant grants to needy students in schools
LV Yinsheng, deputy director of Civil Affairs Bureau of Wuzhi County, delivered a speech

The epidemic is ruthless, and there is love in the world. The more critical the times, the more obvious the responsibility of the enterprise; The more difficult and dangerous, the more obvious the love! Thanks to Jiaozuo ZJN Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. for its love and support for education. We believe that we can win this fight against epidemic with solid prevention and control measures of the school, full cooperation of parents and selfless support from society and enterprises. And in the final statement, Wuzhi County Charity Association will do its best to negotiate with the caring people of all walks of life and society, and build a bronze wall for the safety and health of teachers and students!

Li Xibao, principal of Sanyang No.1 middle school, delivered a speech