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Pulp Dryer

Applicable Materials

all kinds of pulp.

Application Area

papermaking industry and waste paper recycling industry.

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 Product Details

Brief introduction of pulp dryer

Pulp is a kind of massive material formed by soaking, removing impurities, breaking, pulping, filtering and dehydration of recycled waste cartons, books and newspapers. Due to the high moisture content of pulp and various fiber composition, if the drying temperature is too high, it is easy to cause fiber plasticization, or even fire combustion; otherwise, if the drying temperature is too low, it can not meet the drying requirements. Therefore, the drying of pulp is very difficult, especially the temperature control is particularly important.

Using the traditional single cylinder dryer to dry pulp, the pulp is straight in and straight out in the equipment, single-stage operation, air volume and temperature can not be well controlled. In addition, due to the long travel of the equipment and the water absorption characteristics of the pulp, it is easy to cause secondary rewetting at the end of the cylinder, so it is difficult to achieve the ideal drying effect.

The paper pulp dryer of "three-cylinder and multiloop network" produced by Jiaozuo ZJN company is based on the single cylinder dryer and is reformed through innovative design. The equipment adopts "three-stage multi loop drying technology", the whole drying process can be divided into three stages, and then according to the characteristics and needs of the pulp, the air volume, wind speed, wind direction and heat can be freely distributed and independently controlled; the steam is discharged at the end of each stage in time, which greatly improves the drying efficiency.

Advantages and characteristics of pulp dryer
Advantages and characteristics of pulp dryer

1. The equipment adopts three sleeve structure, which greatly reduces the floor area of the equipment. At the same time, it can be assembled reasonably according to the actual land area of users.

2. Automatic operation, high degree of intelligence, low labor intensity, simple and convenient operation.

3. The technology is mature, the performance is stable and reliable, it can run 24 hours continuously, and the equipment failure rate is low.

4.The equipment has large capacity and high utilization rate of heat energy, which can save energy and production cost.

5.The whole equipment is tightly sealed and operated under negative pressure. There is no inflammable and explosive phenomenon in the production process.

6.It can not only save energy consumption, but also ensure the quality of finished products.

7.The quality of the dried product is even, and the state and size of the dried dregs can be adjusted according to the user's requirements, so as to facilitate the next use.

Suitable materials for pulp dryer
Suitable materials for pulp dryer

Pulp dryer is suitable for drying all kinds of pulp, and can be used in papermaking industry and waste paper recycling industry.

Working principle of pulp dryer
Working principle of pulp dryer

The "three cylinder multi return network" paper pulp dryer includes a number of core concepts of ZJN (1 + 3 = 6" three sleeve mode, "3 × 6 = 36" W + s feeding design, "6-3 = 1" exhaust mode, and "3-step forward and 2-step backward" AC reciprocating drying technology), combined with the advanced "positive and negative lifting and guiding" system, when the pulp in the equipment "3-step backward 2-step" reciprocating transportation.At the same time, it is repeatedly thrown and raised to form multiple uniform "curtain", so as to ensure the full contact and fusion of hot air and pulp, increase the heat transfer area to five times of that of ordinary dryer, and make the pulp stroke more than six times of the designed length of the equipment. The whole equipment integrates, interacts and complements each other. The quantity and temperature of hot air in the first, second and third drying rooms are adjusted according to the fluctuation of pulp moisture content. The new design process of "high + high + high", "medium = medium", "low low low" is used to make the temperature and hot air always match the moisture of material. The pulp is always placed in the ideal drying environment. Low energy consumption, high efficiency, comprehensive economic benefit is three to four times of ordinary drying equipment.

 Customer Case

pulp dryer case video

  • Heating mode: coal, natural gas, oil, biomass particles, steam
  • Processing capacity: 100-500t / D / set
  • Suitable material moisture content: 60% - 70%
  • Moisture content of finished product: 10% - 20%