Welcome the leaders of China Merchants bureau to investigate ZJN company

2021-04-23 08:07 8

A few days ago, the leaders of China Merchants bureau made a special trip to investigate Jiaozuo ZJN company.

Workshop inspection

The leaders carefully understand the patent technology, product situation, sales situation, customer type and raw material purchasing information of the company. Then, accompanied by general manager Yue, they went to the workshop to inspect the production process of the equipment.

Workshop inspection 2

After investigation, the leaders of China Merchants think that although ZJN is a private enterprise, after years of hard work, it has gradually grown into a national high-tech enterprise and small and medium-sized science and technology enterprise. At present, the company has more than 100 patented technologies and cooperates with hundreds of enterprises at home and abroad. Its products are sold to more than 20 provinces and regions in China, as well as India, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. Such achievements are really hard won.

Subsequently, the leaders had a strong interest on the company's patented product "rotary rake Feiteng three-stage multi loop" high humidity and high viscosity series drying equipment. When they understand that the structure of "rotary harrow" is inspired by the practice of agricultural production, and successfully applied to the design of industrial equipment, they praise it. When they know that the "rotary rake Feiteng three-stage multi loop" high humidity and high viscosity series drying equipment is used to treat industrial hazardous solid waste sludge, it can effectively reduce sludge, harmless, stable and resource-based treatment and disposal target,leaders said that we must vigorously publicize and promote good equipment at the government level to better benefit the society and the people.

In addition, leaders put forward many valuable suggestions on raw material procurement, new technology application, product promotion, market operation, etc., which will be of great help to our company.