Heat source analysis of drying equipment

2020-12-14 10:44 8
Heat source of drying equipment

The hot air furnace is the heat source of drying equipment. Drying equipment in drying materials need to consume a lot of heat source, then the heat source can be coal, biomass fuel, fuel oil, gas and so on.

Heat source analysis of drying equipment

1. Coal

Coal can be divided into peat, lignite, bituminous coal and anthracite. China is a big country of coal production and consumption in the world. Most of Chinese enterprises choose coal as the heat source of drying equipment. However, as coal belongs to bu renewable resources, direct combustion of coal will produce SO2, NO2, no, CO and other air pollutants, so it is not recommended to use coal as a drying heat source.

2. Biomass fuel

Biomass fuel is a kind of renewable energy. Agricultural and forestry wastes are used as raw materials. After crushing, mixing, extrusion, drying and other processes, they are made into various shapes (such as massive, granular, etc.), which is a new type of clean fuel that can be directly burned. It can replace petrochemical fuel as heat source, which can not only protect the environment, but also eliminate the fear of fossil fuel exhaustion.

3. Fuel oil

Fuel oil can be divided into kerosene and gasoline. Using oil as drying heat source, the drying cost is high, but the temperature is easy to control, easy to realize automatic operation. From the point of view of transportation, the loss of fuel in transportation is smaller than that of some solid fuels.

4. Gas

Gas is burning natural gas, petroleum gas, etc. High calorific value, preheat to high temperature, complete combustion, less impurities, less pollutants after combustion.