How to distinguish the various dryers on the Internet?

2020-12-14 10:42 8
How to distinguish the dryer

There are many types of dryers on the market, which provide users with a lot of choice. How to distinguish them? How do we choose the drying equipment suitable for production?

In the drying equipment industry, according to the heating mode can be divided into two categories, one is indirect heating mode, the other is direct heating mode. The indirect heating equipment includes: paddle dryer, tube bundle dryer, disc dryer, drum scraper dryer, drum dryer, etc; The equipment for direct drying is: rotary kiln dryer, flash dryer, spray dryer, airflow dryer, fluidized bed dryer, belt dryer, and the three level multi loop high humidity and high viscosity material drier produced by real energy saving company.

Different drying equipment is used in different drying fields. When selecting drying equipment, manufacturers must determine the appropriate drying process according to the actual material characteristics (moisture content, viscosity, water molecular structure, particle size, acidity and alkalinity, hygroscopicity, etc.). You can't choose some equipment that doesn't meet the needs of production because you want to be cheap. Such equipment may have some problems in the actual production and operation in the future, such as not continuous and stable operation, low output, high energy consumption, high humidity and high viscosity materials drying or poor quality of materials after drying, high daily maintenance rate of equipment and so on. As it is produced by small manufacturers, tracking investigation and after-sales cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, when users choose the drying process, they must select the suitable drying equipment according to the characteristics of the materials they are drying.

Three stage multi loop dryer

If you need to dry high moisture and high viscosity materials, please choose the rotary harrow three-cylinder multiple loop dryer for high moisture and high viscosity materials produced by ZJN company. Since its establishment, our company has been specialized in drying equipment technology, and has established enterprise technology and equipment Engineering Technology Research Institute in cooperation with many colleges and universities. Our business covers many countries and regions in Asia, Europe and the United States.

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