Compared with other dryers, what are the advantages of ZJN dryers

2020-12-14 10:09 8
Advantages of ZJN dryer

1. Customized service

The dryer equipment produced by Jiaozuo ZJN Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. provides customized solutions according to the drying materials of customers, their own production conditions, investment costs, on-site installation conditions and other factors.

2. Drying heat source

There are many kinds of heat sources for drying equipment, such as coal, gas, oil and biomass fuel. The hot blast stove can be customized into a dual-purpose hot blast stove according to the needs of users.

3. Patent technology of rotary harrow Feiteng + three stage multi loop

"Rotary rake Feiteng" patented technology is specially used in the crushing device of high humidity and high viscosity materials, which can effectively prevent the materials from sticking again in the drying process, and make the materials dry and wet evenly after drying“ The patented technology of "three-stage multi loop" uses three cylinders with different diameters to group together, so that the materials can be spread thin, the evaporation area is large, the drying speed is fast, the heat energy can be fully utilized, and the energy consumption can be saved.

4. Patent technology of boiler waste heat utilization in Enterprises

Using the waste heat from the production process of the enterprise as the heat source of the dryer can not only reduce the waste heat waste, but also save resources and achieve the goal of waste treatment at the same time.

5. Equipment tightness and exhaust emission

All the drying equipment produced by our company are operated under negative pressure with good sealing. The waste gas after drying is treated by special process, and all of them reach the national emission standard.

6. Operability of equipment

The equipment adopts automatic operation mode, with high degree of intelligence and simple and convenient operation.

7. Equipment installation and debugging

We have professional equipment installation technicians, according to the actual situation of customers to install. After the installation, carry out the equipment debugging work, in order to achieve the production standard. After debugging, there will be professional technical personnel to train the staff to ensure that the training personnel can operate independently.

The installation of the equipment is scientific and reasonable, the floor area is small, the installation is convenient, and the demolition is convenient.

8. Equipment performance

The drying equipment has mature technology and stable performance, and can operate continuously for 24 hours without failure.