Future prospects of sludge dryer equipment remain optimistic

2020-12-14 10:40 8
Optimistic future of sludge dryer

Why is the future of sludge dryer optimistic?

With the development of China's economy and society, the discharge of industrial and domestic sewage and wastewater is increasing day by day, which leads to a significant decline in the use function of river basins and underground water bodies, resulting in the continuous reduction of available water resources. In the face of the increasingly scarce water resources and water pollution problems, people start an alarm in their hearts. Along with the sewage treatment industry, a new industry sludge drying equipment industry is growing vigorously.

Sludge drying equipment industry is developing with sewage treatment

Why does sludge drying equipment industry develop with sewage treatment?

A lot of sludge will be produced in the process of sewage treatment. The main characteristics of sludge are high water content, high content of organic matter, easy to rot and stink, fine particles and small specific gravity. The sludge without proper treatment and disposal will directly bring secondary pollution to the water body and the atmosphere, which not only reduces the effective treatment capacity of the sewage treatment system, but also poses a serious threat to the ecological environment and human activities. In the face of these problems, it is necessary to seek solutions. The lack of water resources leads to the emergence of water treatment technology; Water pollution and sludge, resulting in the emergence of sludge drying equipment.

Influence of sludge drying equipment on social development

After drying, the sludge can be used for energy, construction, activated carbon adsorbent and so on, which can effectively cultivate and develop the innovation ability of enterprises. Good environment needs us to create and maintain together. Sludge drying equipment is the equipment that uses waste to produce renewable energy, which promotes the development of economy, society and environment.