Relationship between metal sludge dryer and sustainable development of economy

2020-12-14 10:22 8
Relationship between metal sludge dryer and sustainable development of economy

To realize the sustainable development of economy and society is an important connotation of establishing and implementing the scientific outlook on development. The sustainable development of resource economy refers to fully considering the carrying capacity of environment, resources and ecology, maintaining the harmonious development of human and nature, and realizing the sustainable utilization of natural resources while developing economy.

Metal sludge dryer

China's rapid economic growth largely depends on the consumption of a large number of natural resources“ Take the industrial industry as an example. The industrial industries include electroplating plants, electronic plants, hardware factories, chemical plants, smelters, etc. the amount of heavy metal sludge produced by these industries is increasing year by year. These metal containing industrial solid wastes are directly discharged without treatment or discharged after simple treatment. No matter what form it is, it will bring serious consequences to the environment, resulting in a waste of resources, and the impact on enterprise production and human life is also very huge, which limits the sustainable development of economy and society.

The advent of metal sludge dryer has created favorable conditions for the sustainable development of economy. The dryer can reduce, recycle and harmless sludge disposal. The dried sludge can be used as fuel, firing ceramics, bricks, building materials and raw materials for cement production. At the same time, it can also extract precious metals, turn waste into treasure and turn mud into gold! It not only brings economic benefits to the enterprise, but also adds green luster to the environment! The combination of economic benefit, social benefit and environmental benefit has been realized.