Waste Heat Utilization Drying

 Product Description

Part 1     

Waste Heat Utilization olid Waste Sludgergya Residue Processing Plant

Waste Heat Utilization dryer is the newest Waste Heat Utilization Residue treatment /  Waste Heat Utilization  Residue processing equipment / Waste Heat Utilization Residue dryer, which made by ZJN© company specially for Waste Heat Utilization o Residue treatment and drying,with the best drying techniques of "Rotary Harrow Rolling 3 Level Multi-loop".


The whole procedure features with a complicated and reasonable design which our company R&D invented, since 2011, totally initiated a whole new stage of for sludge processing, high efficient and energy saving, completely different from the traditional single rotary drum dyer.have already serving many kinds of industries


Part 2

Main Features

Energy-saving and Environmential Protection

Easy to install and Control.

"3-RHR Drying techniques"




Industrial Sludge drying 

Municipal sludge drying 

Electroplating sludge drying using furnace exhaust

paper mill sludge drying using furnace exhaust 

calcium carbide sludge drying using furnace exhaust 

Printing and dyeing and textile sludge drying using furnace exhaust 

Leather sludge drying

Waste Heat Utilization olid Waste Sludgergya Residue drying 

Household  waste 

Waste Heat Utilization olid Waste Sludgergya Residue drying

Industrial solid waste 

Steel mill solid waste drying 

chemical industry solid waste drying 

Industrial residue 

Brewery mash drying

Zymophyte residue drying 

Bean and Waste Heat Utilization olid Waste Sludgergya Residue drying


pharmaceutical factory (sulfur erythromycin) drying  

pharmaceutical factoryantibiotic bacterial residue drying 

Chinese herb residue drying 

Poultry treatment

cow manure treatment / cow dung drying

chicken manure / chicken dung drying 

other animal manure treatment and recycling

wood drying

wooden sawdust ,wood chips etc.


Production Flow




Part  1

1. Automatic forward and reverse reciprocating technology for “Drying Core” rotary harrow is a particular patent technology.

2. The use of Triple “W & S” Material Movement technology, Leather sludge undergo a long distance in the drying equipment, thus it can contact with the hot air adequately, thereby the hot utilization rate will be high.


3. The use of “Mechanical Material Feeding Technology” , Leather sludge in the Material Feeding System can go forward and backward automatically.

4. Particular “Hot Air Distribution System”, can adjust the hot air volume into the triple stage dryer.

5. The use of “Automatic Material Feeding Control Configuration”. To control the feeding amount on basis of the Leather sludge moisture.


6. “Speed Adjustment and Control Device” for main dryer, which is a device for adjusting the finished material moisture on basis of the requirement in order to meet drying demands.

7. The use of “Downstream and counter flow Reciprocation” patent technology. Leather sludge go back two steps after taking three steps in the dryer. And the dry ones move fast, the wet ones slow. The day material will discharge automatically once the material meet the drying request.

8. The use of “Low Temperature but Large Air Volume” drying technology. In the role of low temperature, Leather sludge can make full use of large volume air for drying so as to meet the requirement of drying.

9. The use of “Automatic Reciprocating Material Technology”. It can make the Leather sludge mixed and tumble, then fully separated into bulk and linkage integrated production.

10. The use of “Forward and Reverse Feeding and Raising System”. Leather sludge can move in multiple directions in the cylinder, cover the entire dryer and form a material curtain. Leather sludge can go everywhere in the dryer and contact with hot air adequately.

11. The unique “Horizontal Installation” can protect the cylinder from up and down.



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Company Information


ZJN© COMPANY, a leading manufacture specialized in the manufacturing and R&D of sludge drying / sludge processing equipment ,with the newest sludge drying technology and drying techniques, have been serving many customers for about 25 years. 

we are located in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, China, very near by to the Xingang and Qingdao Port, only 3 hours to there.

 we only do one thing that foucing on the R&D and Solutions about the Industrial waste material drying & recycling,environmental equipments.

hope can work with you.if you have any other questions,

please contact us feel free.


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